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Types of Content Marketing

Nowadays, content marketing is everywhere across the internet and media. There are several types of forms for content marketing that can be reached to the audience. Mainly:

  1. Social Media Posts

  2. Blogging/Articles

  3. Infographics

  4. Videos

  5. Email subscriptions

  6. Podcasts

Every different form of content marketing has its own function and how the content reaches the audience to make them understand the message or purpose. Creating the content with the mixture of forms of content marketing type can increase the assortments of the business/organisation the way they express their objective or things they are doing. This will make the audience feel more interested and exciting about what the contents are about. Not only plainly posting articles and infographics to spread the knowledge, as to make it fun animations or videos form can help the audience to consume easily the message that is trying to reach to them.

Another scenario, for businesses who want to keep their customer around, can go for email subscription were to keep update or previous, current or future purchases for the product and services. By following up on these with the generous amount of email being sent to the customer can make them feel appreciated and won’t make them feel their support towards the business will go wast also unappreciated. It is also good to give a promotion or discount for regular customers as a gesture to thank them for keeping support thee business. Then who knows they will share to people around them about the product or services that your business is doing which can help in growing your market.

As well-known enough, the aesthetically Instagram feed where arranging and planning the post accordingly is also part of content marketing. Where most of the small businesses that just started, Instagram where one of the best platforms to pursue content marketing in order to get visibility of the business/organisation. Having visual pleasing content that can attract people or users to check your business out. Likewise, appearance is the first thing that can catch people in their eye as their first impression in general. Hence, having to work on this could really help the business catch people’s attending to keep looking forward to your page or account.

It depends on the message the business/organisation would like to reach out to the audience. Here there are choices of content marketing forms where they could use.

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